About us

We are a young and vibrant company that is directly connected to over 300 mobile network worldwide in more than 100 + countries of the world.

The service we provides is unique and have many names; Top-up, recharge, transfer, refills or airtime remittance, our goal at Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. is to enable individual to send top-up anytime and anywhere to any mobile network around the world and make their loved ONES day.
“Make their day”
Being away from loved ones can be difficult. We know that by sending a top-up can bring a smile to all your loved one and take you a bit closer to them. By sending them a recharge you are enabling them to call, text and go online. We are connected world over with all the biggest operators, our unrivalled online fraud protection guarantee the fastest and safest delivery for your gift of top-up directly into the hands of your loved ones.
 With just three simple steps, sending and receiving recharge is as easy as 1...2...3.
1.    Enter the phone number
2.    Select the amount of credit that should be sent or received
3.    Receive the confirmation SMS 
GistPal Ltd t/a clickandtopup
Amelia House Crescent Road,
West Sussex,
BN11 1QR 
United Kingdom
You can also contact the teams using one of the following options:
|| Email us: | service@clickandtopup.com

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